​If you ever have a problem with one of our products, bring it back to us and we will fix it or replace it.

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Dexter Print & Embroidery can help you raise funds for your group.

​We can create a number of custom made unique items that your group can sell in order to raise funds.  We recommend an on line store where people can shop for and order items right on line during a set time period.  Then we close the store and fill the orders notifying customers that their order is ready for pickup in our store, downtown Dexter.  Or your group can collect and distribute the orders if you prefer.  It's easy, you just need to email out a link to promote your store and let people know they are supporting your group with their purchases.  Stop in and we can go over the options with you and design a great fund raiser that will be sure to please!

​Another option is to take advantage of our Shop To Donate program.  This is a super simple way to raise funds for your group.  You let people know that if they shop in our store during a selected time period a portion of their purchases will be donated to your group.  It easy, fun and can raise funds without selling any merchandise yourself.  Check out the details below.

Fund Raising

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